The Enchantment Chamber is a Cottage Room where you can buy vanilla and custom enchantments.


Levels Treasure Timber Essence Time
I 5,000 2,500 50 1 Hour

Enchantment Shop

Different tiers of enchantments are unlocked with each level of the Enchantment Chamber.

Level Weapon Max Tier Armor Max Tier Custom Enchants? Allowed Enchantments Per Item
1 2 2 No 3
2 3 3 No 5
3 3 3 Yes unlimited


Tier 1

  • 300 Treasure, 10 Essence Tier 1 Vanilla Armor/Weapon Enchants
  • 400 Treasure, 15 Essence Tier 2 Vanilla Armor/Weapon Enchants
  • 3 Enchantment Stack Limit

Tier 2

  • 500 Treasure, 30 Essence Tier 3 Vanilla Armor/Weapon Enchants
  • 5 Enchantment Stack Limit

Tier 3

  • ? Treasure, ? Essence Tier 1 Custom Armor/Weapon Enchants
  • ? Treasure, ? Essence Tier 2 Custom Armor/Weapon Enchants
  • ? Treasure, ? Essence Tier 3 Custom Armor/Weapon Enchants
  • 2 Glory Enchantment Specilization Access to buy any maxed vanilla enchant, lasts 24 hours
  • Unlimited Enchant Stack

Enchanting Items

To enchant an item as of Patch 1.1.3, first reveal a hidden enchantment book(if required) by right clicking with in in hand. Then, right click an enchantment table in the Enchantment Chamber and a GUI will pop up:

Place your weapon, bow, pickaxe, armor, or other item; and the revealed book in the respective slots. The result will appear below the two items.


  1. You used to be able to enchant items without an Enchantment Chamber before 1.1.3 by right clicking on a book.
  2. Enchantments, custom and vanilla, are an integral part of winning wars and make it much easier to get kills, prevent deaths, and break walls, both kingdom and house.
  3. You used to be able to have an infinite amount of enchantments per item even if you had Enchantment Chamber I, II, or even if you didn't have one.