The Fantasy Room is a cottage room where you can buy spells and wands to give yourself the upper-hand during combat in areas such as the Warzone or during the War Phase.


Level Treasure Timber Essence Time
I 5,000 1,500 500 1 Hour
II 15,000 2,500 1,000 3 Hours
III 30,000 5,000 2,500


Tier 1

  • Access to Apprentice Wand and Basic Spells
  • 1000 Treasure, 100 Essence Blink I
  • 1500 Treasure, 150 Essence Blast I

Tier 2

  • Access to Expert Wand and Advanced Spells
  • 2000 Treasure, 200 Essence Blessing I
  • 2000 Treasure, 200 Essence Shield I
  • 2500 Treasure, 250 Essence Blink II

Tier 3

  • Access to Master Wand
  • 2000 Treasure, 200 Essence Blast II
  • 4000 Treasure, 350 Essence Blink III
  • 3000 Treasure, 300 Essence Blessing II
  • 3000 Treausre, 300 Essence Shield II
  • Amulet of Purity

Resource Transmutations


The Resource Transmutation GUI

Resource Transmutations allow players to "transmutate" other resources into another resource. Fantasy Room III is required to use this option. There is a cooldown for using the transmutations based on your in game rank to prevent players from abusing the system.


Main page Spells

Spells allow the player to cast multiple weapons or utilities to help them in PvP or PvE battles. They cost Essence to use and must be first applied to a wand to be able to be used. Higher tier spells are unlocked as the Fantasy Room upgrades.


Main page Wands

The wands only use is to use spells. Players can buy three different wands, each wand containing a different number of spell slots: 1, 2, 4.


  • Some spells (like the Shield spell) can be used to lock enemy players between two barriers, but use of this is strictly prohibited and the player using this abuse can be banned