The Glorious Slime is a slime in the found in the Hall near the gate. It allows you to get 1 glory per day, and if you get a 5 day streak of collecting glory, he gives you 3 glory rather than 1.

Appearance and Behavior

The slime is 1x1x1 meters, or the size of one block. He doesn't move.

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The glorious slime in the Light kingdom.


When glory has been claimed, a normal minecart is shown.

When glory is avaliable to be claimed, a minecart with chest is shown. Click the minecart with chest to claim 1(or 3) glory.


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    If glory can't be claimed, a normal minecart is shown.

    Although he doesn't move, he is still aggressive and will hit you if you walk over him.
  • The Glorious Slime will kill you if you are low enough on health. The death message shows that "<player> was slain by Glorious Slime".