Glory is a non-essential resource used to speed up time.

Glory makes time pass faster. Using it, you can accelerate construction on new rooms and buildings. It can be earned from winning games. – Your King
Glory is not required to upgrade buildings – it purely removes the build time. It is also one of few things that retain across seasons and across different servers.


Glory is not only used to accelerate construction – it is also used to:

  • Restore 250 HP to your house walls
  • Instantly upgrade buildings
  • Remove the wait time on /kits(coming soon)

How to Obtain

Despite what the King says, winning seasons is not the only way to earn Glory. The ways to earn them are:

  • Win a season and claim 5 Glory from your King in the Throne Room
  • Lose a season and claim 3 Glory from your King in the Throne Room
  • Gain Glorious Heads during Post-War and trade them to your king
  • Purchase it using /buy or from
  • Complete expert tier jobs
  • Claim 1 Glory from the Glorious Slime every day(or 3 if a 5 day streak is reached)