The Kingdom is a player's main base of operations. There are two Kingdoms per given server and a player has the choice of either one and first joining the server or after a recent season reset. However, there are times when a Kingdom has a lot more houses than the opposing Kingdom so players will have to join the Kingdom with the less houses built in the wilderness. The Kingdom is safe from enemies and PvP during Peace Phase, but during War Phase and Post-War Phase opposing players are able to journey into the other Kingdom through breaking the walls during war or by using Jump Boost potions. Kingdoms have all three main resources scattered around it where new players can collect it without the worry of losing it to PvP. Players can still, however, take damage inside the Kingdom (i.e. burning in lava or fall damage) and will lose all their stuff on death. Kingdoms consist of three main areas: the Throne Room, Market, and Gate. Kingdoms mirror themselves in location places with the only main noticeable difference is the way they are styled.

Throne Room

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The Throne Room is the place where players first spawn after choosing their desired Kingdom. Here you are able to take Jobs from your king, purchase houses, and many other things as well. The Throne Room also consists of the Core which, when captured during war, gives the opposing side the victory.


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The Market is where most new players go to collect resources. Players can go to their Market by typing in the command "/warp market" or by selecting the Emerald in the warp GUI. Here you are able to do the daily lottery which you can do every 24 hours. You are presented with 9 chests, each chest containing resources, and are rewarded with either Treasure, Essence, or Timber.


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The Gate is the entrance to a given Kingdom. There is a War Chest there which can be opened with War Chest Keys which are earned through Warzone Events. This place also leads to the Glorious Slime which gives the player Glory on a daily basis of 24 hours. After being on a 5 day streak the Glorious Slime will award the player 3 Glory and the streak will reset.