Dark market

The Market in the Dark Kingdom

The Market is a location in both Kingdoms that provides all three resources to players. It has a Lottery which players can play every 24 hours and a War Chest. Players can get to the Market by typing in the command "/warp market" or by selecting the Emerald in the warp GUI.


Dark lottery

The Lottery currently being used in the Dark Market

The Lottery is located in the middle of the Market and is represented by a witch. It can be played by players once every 24 hours and has a chance to reward resources or 0 Honor (nothing). If a player is in a Lottery for too long it will close and the 24 hour cooldown will begin rewarding the player nothing. A player can also open a Royal War Chest which can be bought from the Siege World Online Shop. The Royal War Chest rewards the player a kit ranging from Uncommon to Legendary.

Light First-Hand Lottery

The lottery in the Light kingdom first-hand