What is a Season?

A season (In referring to Siege World) is a 7-10 day long period of time where there are three phases: Peace, War, and Post-War.


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This is the time to gather resources and build a house. A house will give players multiple advantages like being able to buy Farms and getting different Rooms to help players take over Control Points, do dungeons, and win the season. PvP is enabled but only in the warzone.


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When War Phase begins players of opposing Kingdoms must battle each other in an effort to capture the other one's Core located in their Throne Room. Players must first raid houses until a certain criteria is met while capturing the three outposts then attack the opposing Kingdom's walls until the Core is reached. Once the Core the is captured that team will be crowned victorious and Post-War Phase will begin.


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During the post-war period, which lasts for anywhere between 12-24 hours after the war period, any armor you put on the Armor Stand located in the Treasure Room can now be accessed, regardless of whether or not you actually have the armor. During this post-war period, killing players has a 50% chance to drop a Glorious Skull, which can be sold to that player's king for 1 Glory. If a player goes to their King during this period they will be eligible to earn 5 Glory from him, but that is only if that player have built a house before the war and is on the team that won. The team that lost will be able to claim only 3 Glory.