A Storage Stand is an armor stand that a player is able to use when they at least have a Treasure Room II. Players can store armor and items on their Storage Stand by holding the item and right clicking the stand with it. The stand will not consume the armor and this can only be done during Peace Phase and War Phase. A player can only store a full set of armor and one item on it; once five minutes have passed then the Storage Stand locks making it so players can't edit it, however a player can click the lava bucket in the GUI when it hasn't been 5 minutes yet to reset it. Once Post-War Phase has begun a player will be able to claim the items from the Storage Stand resulting a duped copy. These duped items cannot be stored inside an Ender Chest.


Storage Stand in Treasury II

A storage stand in Treasure Room II.

The Storage Stand is a normal armor stand except that arms are shown.


  1. If items on the storage stand are not claimed, they do not go over to next season.