Throne Room

The Throne Room is the basis of the start of your Siege World adventure and can be accessed by typing the command "/warp throne" or by selecting it from the warp GUI. The King resides in this room and, of course, each Kingdom consists of a this room. The Throne Room also has the Core which needs to be captured to win the war. There are also two War Chests on both sides of the throne that can be opened with a War Chest Key.

The King

The King is represented as an Iron Golem. When you first arrive after a reset you can go to him and claim a gift. The gift must be claimed in order to be able to warp around. The gift consists of a full set of dyed Leather Armor (colored according to your kingdom), a wooden set of tools, and 10 steak. When you right click the King after claiming his gift you will be presented with a GUI listing 10 items as following:

  • Resources
    • Shows your resource balance and short info about each resource
  • Welcome to Siege World!
    • Gives you a brief summary of Siege World and your goal
  • Command Reference
    • Lists useful commands to use
  • Purchase a Home!
    • Allows you to purchase a home for 2500 Treasure, 1000 Timber, and 100 Essence
    • Players are limited to one house per person
  • Kingdom Walls
    • Shows the current Kingdom Walls
  • Hats
    • Allows you to select a hat to put on (can also be opened with "/hat")
    • More hats can be obtained by unlocking more Trophies
  • Trophies
    • Shows all earned and unearned achievements
  • Kits
    • Shows all the Kits you can claim (can also be opened with "/kit")
  • Warps
    • Opens up the Warp GUI
  • Skull Rewards
    • Takes skulls in your inventory in exchange for resources. Regular skulls yield 500 Treasure, 500 Timber, and 50 Essence. Corrupted Skulls yield 1000 Treasure, 1000 Timber, and 100 Essence, and can be obtained by killing a player with the Corrupted Enchant.