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Wanted Pages

*Needs Confirmation if really needed


  • warzone locations (i.e. Bandit Parkour, Essence Mine (LvD), Treasure Mine (WvD), etc.)
    • infoboxes for parkour/dungeon/controlpoints added
      • picture requirements: Normal FOV, Max Bright, F1 mode, siegeworld resourcepack
  • Timber
    • Resource
  • Trophy Points (Forum)*
    • Page about points on the forum
  • Royal War Chest
    • different from lottery chests and war chests/premium
  • Outposts
    • captured during war
  • Blacksmith
    • last room that doesn't have a page (needs picture also)
  • War Chest Key
    • key used to open war chests
  • War Chest
    • chest that gives items from common to legendary
  • Trophy Points
    • points earned in game that unlock hats
  • Souls
    • used during war, purpose??
  • Lottery
    • mini one in market, needs to be seperate page (just like sections in throne room)
  • Hall
    • another point within a given kingdom
  • God Set*
    • fully enchanted set
  • Core
    • required to be captured to win a war (small section of it in throne room page)
  • Achievements*
    •  ??? (trophy points already listed above)

Edits Needed

In all most cottage/farm rooms there are resource requirement upgrades that need to be fulfilled