Walls protect the kingdom. During war, enemy players move on the destroying the next defenses until the outer-most wall is broken. Every time they hit a wall, it generally does 1 damage to the wall, without custom enchants such as Geminate. There are 7 different tiers of walls which can be upgraded to help defend the kingdom.

Wall Tiers

Dirt Walls: The walls started off with.

Wood Walls: Second tier of walls.

Stone Walls: Third tier of walls.

Iron Walls: Fourth tier of walls.

Diamond Walls: Fifth tier of walls.

Obsidian Walls: Sixth tier of walls.

Bedrock Walls: Seventh and last tier of walls.


Exact amount of kingdom resources, shown with "/kingdominfo", required to upgrade walls is not known at this time.

Upgrading Walls

Capture control points to upgrade walls. Resources earned from control points are deposited into the kingdom directly, and the amount of resources the kingdom contains can be discovered using "/kingdominfo". Kingdom walls automatically upgrade.

Regenerating Walls Edit

The kingdom walls can be regenerated using souls. Souls can heal up to 100 HP of kingdom walls each.