This page is for the Siege World Wikia rules. If you are looking for forum, game, or Discord rules, please click the respective link.

The Siege World Wikia is a wiki that anyone can edit, but please keep in mind the following rules:

  1. Don't vandalize. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Pornographic content
    2. Offensive content
    3. Incorrect information that is clearly edited on purpose
    4. Deletion of good content
  2. Don't swear or use profanity in any way.
  3. Respect staff members and other users.
  4. Don't flood or spam pages, comments, forums, and more. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Offensive or rudeness
    2. Pornography
    3. Gibberish/spamming multiple posts
    4. Advertising non-Siege World related subjects
    5. Reviving old comment or forum discussions
  5. Don't create duplicate topics in forums or wikia pages.
  6. Don't edit only for Wikia achievements.
  7. Don't edit in personal information on wikia pages. That's what your personal page(s) and blog is for.
  8. Don't discuss information regarding abusing glitches or using hacks.