The wilderness is one of the three main areas of a given server, the others being the Warzone and the two Kingdoms. There are two wildernesses and each wilderness surrounds a kingdom. Players of the same kingdom can edit the terrain in the wilderness and is also where players can build their houses, collect resources, and raid houses (during War Phase only). Random parts of a kingdom's wilderness can be warped to by using the command "/warp wilderness" or by selecting the sapling in the warp GUI (teleports players to random parts of their own wilderness only). Wildernesses are also home to Outposts used during war.

Wilderness Phases

Peace Phase

During the Peace Phase the wilderness is completely safe from PvP. Here players can build their houses and collect resources. Players are unable to enter the opposing kingdom's wilderness in this phase.

War Phase

When War Phase begins, players are able to begin entering the opposing kingdom's wilderness and raid houses. PvP is enabled in the wildernesses during this time and players lose their inventory on death.

Post-War Phase

After War ends the Post-War Phase begins and houses become unraidable, however, players are still able to enter the other wilderness and engage in PvP.